New preprint

A preprint of the work on off-the-grid super resolution of our student P.J. Bénard is available. Fast off-the-grid sparse recovery with over-parametrized projected gradient descent, P.J. Bénard, Y. Traonmilin and J.F. Aujol Abstract: « We consider the problem of recovering off-the-grid spikes from Fourier measurements. Successful methods such as sliding Frank-Wolfe and continuous orthogonal matching pursuit…

New preprint

Our student Axel Baldanza uploaded a new preprint: « Piecewise linear prediction model for action tracking in sports ». Abstract: « Recent tracking methods in professional team sportsreach very high accuracy by tracking the ball and players.However, it remains difficult for these methods to performaccurate real-time tracking in amateur acquisition conditionswhere the vertical position or orientation of the…

New preprint

We uploaded our new preprint: « A theory of optimal convex regularization for low-dimensional recovery », Y. Traonmilin, R. Gribonval and S. Vaiter Abstract : We consider the problem of recovering elements of a low-dimensional model from under-determined linear measurements. To perform recovery, we consider the minimization of a convex regularizer subject to a data fit constraint.…

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I am a CNRS researcher in the IOP team of the Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux.

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