New preprint

We have uploaded a new preprint « Sketched learning for image denoising« , Hui Shi, Yann Traonmilin and Jean-François Aujol. Abstract: The Expected Patch Log-Likelihood algorithm (EPLL) and its extensions have shown good performances for image denoising. It estimates a Gaussian mixture model (GMM) from a training database of image patches and it uses the GMM as […]

Talk at iTWIST 2020

I will give a talk about our work on « Projected gradient descent for non-convex sparse spike estimation » at iTWIST 2020 in Nantes.

New preprint

We upload a new preprint on non-convex methods for linear inverse problems with low-dimensional models with Jean-François Aujol and Arthur Leclaire : « The basins of attraction of the global minimizers of non-convex inverse problems with low-dimensional models in infinite dimension » Abstract: « Non-convex methods for linear inverse problems with low-dimensional models have emerged as an alternative […]


My young researcher project was accepted for funding by Agence Nationale de la Recherche. The project EFFIREG « Efficient Regularization of High-Dimensional Inverse Problems for Data Processing » is starting soon. Internship and PhD position offer coming soon !

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Yann Traonmilin

I am a CNRS researcher in the IOP team of the Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux.

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